Next Event: Smart Phone vs. Tablet

About a month ago I wrote about how desktop computers—or at least computer/internet access via a big screen—will be around for a while.

Today Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal gave the iPad a pretty solid review.

If that trend continues and people start taking to devices like the iPad (which isn’t exactly lacking for pre-orders) I can see it overtaking the smartphone.

The iPad itself is still lacking features (no camera? Really?), but once they are added and other devices which have them start rolling out why would you not want one? It can handle anything a phone can and the larger screen makes many more activities possible, or at least enjoyable.

I just don’t see many people reading the next Stephen King novel on their phone.

Size is the only major factor I see preventing the tablet from ruling. You can’t stick a tablet in your pocket as you head out the door for a night out with your friends, and let’s face it—at this point we’re all going to want some connection to the web as often as possible.

People will have that desktop at home as their base regardless, but as always there are multiple things that could happen: People use tablets and phones, people reject tablets and just keeping using phones, or tablets start to take over. What do you think will happen?

Me? I’m going with SixthSense.


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