DEWmocracy Gets My Vote


Over the past four days I’ve tried the three flavors of Mountain Dew in the DEWmocracy contest. If you haven’t heard about it, Mountain Dew launched a campaign last year as a follow up to their 2007 campaign that brought about the blue-colored, raspberry-flavored Mountain Dew Voltage.

Three flavors are introduced, everybody tries them and votes for their favorite, the winner becomes a permanent part of the Mountain Dew family. Simple enough.

This second campaign got more involved with the fans voting every step of the development, including the flavors, colors, names, and even advertising.

Mountain Dew Distortion is the green-colored, “lime blasted Dew.” This is my least favorite of the trio. The lime really comes through, but it’s too sweet and tastes too close to the original Mountain Dew to warrant its own permanent spot in the lineup.

Mountain Dew Typhoon is the “punch of tropical Dew” with a red color. It left an odd aftertaste after the first few sips, but it got better the more I drank. There’s a bit of a sherbet taste in there. It definitely has the best smell of the three.

Mountain Dew White Out is my pick. It’s the “smooth citrus Dew” candidate and has a white color, which is pretty unique in pop. It’s the lightest flavor of the three and it’s not too sweet, overall it’s just right.

Mountain Dew has done a great job in embracing their fans with this campaign, they’ve taken full advantage of the opportunity that Facebook and Twitter audiences present to find the newest installment in their family.

What’s your vote?

Check out the campaign’s official site at


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