The Why of Follow Friday II

My second installment of The Why of Follow Friday includes David Blaine, Derek Sivers, and The Kevin Butler.


Most people on Twitter are familiar with the term “Follow Friday,” a weekly event in which people make a recommendation of who others should follow. Most people simply list off their list with no real reason why. I decided to give reasons why it will benefit you to follow the following tweeters:


You’ve probably heard of David Blaine. His career has consisted of both being a magician and an endurance artist. Some try to write him off as a hoax, but I’ve always found him fascinating no matter what he’s doing. On Twitter Blaine just finds the coolest stuff on the internet and tells everyone about it. It’s really that simple. The most awesome random YouTube videos you will ever see. David Blaine can be followed @davidblaine.


Kevin Butler is so awesome that I follow him even though I prefer X-Box over Playstation. He is social media at its best. The majority of his tweets are humorous responses to questions he is asked, this gets you to listen to him, from time to time he’ll mention news a game or product. I don’t see it happening, but if I ever decide to buy a Sony console chances are Butler will be a big reason why. Kevin Butler can be followed @TheKevinButler.


I suppose Derek Sivers’s recommendation comes more due to his blog than his Twitter feed. He’s just a really good writer. His post entitled “A real person, a lot like you” is one of my favorite articles ever. I found Sivers though TED, at which he has given two short speeches. In one of them he explains how one of the best ways to be a leader is actually to be a follower… so follow up! Derek Sivers can be followed @sivers.

The last Why of Follow Friday included Gary Vaynerchuck, Simon Sinek, and MLB.

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