Where Will All the Strangers Go?

Will bringing our online social networks with us everywhere bring the world closer together?


There’s a few people that I feel like I talk a lot about, and I don’t necessarily like to repeat everything that they say, but often times it turns out to be so neat that it’s difficult not to spread it as much as I can.

Jesse Schell is one of those guys.

His latest piece of genius came at the Augmented Reality Event (ARE2010). He spoke about vision and how much our perceptions could (will) change when we intertwine the connection power of the internet with our daily lives. Facial recognition technology will allow for us to see profiles of anybody just by looking at them through the eye of a cell phone, and eventually something like SixthSense.

To do this with a room full of friends would be pretty cool now, but the one thing that really caught my eye was his slide of what seems to be a selection of random people walking down the street. With so many people now on sites like Facebook, and with those networks so widespread, it will allow us to find a connection to nearly every random person we see.

It is interesting when you’ve got fourteen mutual Facebook friends with somebody who you’ve never even heard of. Imagine what the world will be like when you instantly can find this info when you first meet a person on the street, rather than stumbling across it on Facebook.

Everybody has heard of Six degrees of separation, but an instant recognition of the connection that you have with every person that you see on a daily basis brings the world a lot closer together very quickly.

Suddenly strangers won’t be so strange anymore.

You can see Jesse’s speech at this location.

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