Leave George Alone

Can’t people just leave George Lucas alone?


There is a relentless wave of people out there who like to complain about Star Wars and more specifically George Lucas “milking” the franchise for every penny that they can get.

Every time a trilogy is re-released or rumors of a new movie pop up they jump up and down and yell until they’re blue in the face. Then they go out and buy it.

They don’t seem to grasp the concept that spending money to see a movie and buy merchandise is their choice.

People blame Lucas more than any other director, but it’s his story. Had he let people tell him what they wanted to do he never would’ve funded a large amount of the films himself and came out with one of the greatest stories of all time.

Star Wars has a lot of toys and merch, Lucas is a genius because he is the first one who realized that he could actually sell stuff like this and make more money off of it than the movies themselves.

Anybody who has actually been an actual Star Wars fan for a few years knows that he didn’t want to release the Original Trilogy on DVD without the redone special effects, he said it again and again over the years, but the (real) fans complained and moaned and petitioned for years until he finally gave in.

Then here are these people, “Again, I gotta buy it again!? [Censored] George must be running low on dough.” What the heck is he supposed to do? Ignore the real fans?

I don’t think he’s given a flip about money since 1980.

Was Jar Jar annoying and designed to be kind of goofy in an attempt to bring kids of this generation into the saga? Yes, absolutely. We all get it. It’s been like ten years, save your breath.

It’s not over, HD and 3-D are surely around the corner. I’ll buy them because it’s a great story and it never gets old. If there are new effects then cool, if not that’s fine too.

It’s Lucas’s story, he can do whatever he wants with it.

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