Bucco Boycott: Part II – The Good News

A little more on the Buccos, they really aren’t that far away!


A shot I took of Pedro Alvarez

I wrote a blog a few days ago about how I’m not going to any more Pirates games until they can prove they mean business. I stand by that, but I also now realize that it was pretty poorly timed. I’ve wanted to write something to that effect for months, but it just never happened. That’s just how I write, when it comes out, it does.

Coincidentally it came out in the same week that the Pirates brought—what hopefully is—the future up from the minor leagues.

The more I listen to the discussion online and on The Fan—which is an excellent station if you haven’t listened to it yet—the Pirates really are at one of the better points in this 17 year (soon to be 18 year) losing streak.

Andrew McCutchen, Pedro Alvarez, Neil Walker, Brad Lincoln. These guys are the future.

The biggest sticking point is this: When these guys’ contracts are up, they have to resign them. The front office has said multiple times that when the time comes they will pay up and not keep the revolving door in motion. If they get traded that’s when I start demanding everyone in the front office goes as well.

I still agree with Gregg Gianotti’s plan of how the organization can turn around their PR. I don’t mind the guy between innings, but those QVC commercials make the whole organization look cheap. The whole secret contract extension debacle and announcing that Alvarez would be brought up in the middle of the night and then being shocked when nobody showed up for his debut still proves that they have a ways to go.

They don’t have to have to make the playoffs or even have a winning season to get me back, they just need to make good on their promises and continue to build what they already have.

I’m a positive person. There were about seventeen people in the Pittsburgh area that wasn’t calling for Bruce Arians’s head, even after the Steelers won the Super Bowl; I was one of them. I didn’t complain because they were winning games. The people complaining were doing so because they felt they should’ve been winning by more (and frankly yes, they should have).

It’s different with the Pirates because while the Rooney Family has been proving that they know what’s up since 1933, the Pirates ownership well… hasn’t.

I sincerely want this team to win. Baseball is my favorite sport and I hate it that my favorite team can’t do jack. The closest that I have to experiencing a winning baseball season is reading Stephen King and Stewart O’Nan’s Faithful. I hear the book isn’t usually as good as the movie, so how could it compete with real life?

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