Now Live: Everything

How you could be the biggest person on the planet at any moment.


You may have heard of sites like Ustream which allow anyone the ability to broadcast live video of whatever they want over the internet. Each live stream is accompanied by a chat window which allows the viewers to talk to each other (and to the producer). You can also record broadcasts so that anyone can watch what happened at a later time.

Because it’s so cheap (free) I think it’ll grow a great deal in the upcoming years. There’s no reason why every sports post-game press conference shouldn’t be available in full. If C-SPAN can archive every bit of footage that they’ve collected over the past 30 years, so can the NFL, NHL, and MLB. It might be small, but there’s an audience out there—and like it or not it’s likely larger than that of C-SPAN.

Who cares what a certain lesser-known player might have to say after a game? Diehard fans and fantasy owners without a question. They still won’t make it on SportsCenter, but if the technology is out there, why not take advantage of it? For anyone to have every news conference with a player over the span of their career on demand at all times could lead to some interesting observations.

Leagues like the NFL have money, they could probably have done something like this a few years ago. What UStream does is opens it up to anyone. With Ustream’s new Producer program anyone can put together a professional grade broadcast with live video from multiple cameras, recorded video, picture-in-picture, the list goes on. There’s no reason why every college with an AV club (and everyone majoring in broadcasting) couldn’t broadcast a ton of events going on around campus with something like this.

But then again, why pay college tuition? Anybody can start a talk show in their basement. You could start one right now about whatever you want… Chia Pets or marshmallows.

The coolest thing about live steaming is that not only can you watch it from your phone or iPad, you can now broadcast from your phone.

It’s always been CNN’s goal to get images to the public ASAP. They were good at it because they’re so big. Now, anybody can do it.

Anybody with a smartphone—millions of people and growing—could be the one to broadcast the next big event to the world. Live.

And that’s really what the internet is all about, now isn’t it?

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