June’s Video of the Month

My first Video of the Month Award goes to a newborn.


If you’re following me on Twitter you probably know by now that I spend a decent amount of time on YouTube. I won’t say that’s wasted time, there’s some pretty cool stuff on there.

I’m going to start picking my top YouTube video of the month. No real rules other than the video has to have been posted in the past month, it doesn’t even have to be from YouTube.

The winner this month is the birth of the Shaytard’s baby. The hell is a Shaytard, you ask? It’s a legit question, this is actually the first video of theirs I saw.

One day a few years back a guy named Shay Carl decided to post a video of himself every day of whatever him and his family happened to be doing. It’s been over a year now and Shay introduces his fourth child in this video.

I’ve watched his videos every day since and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It’s kind of like Jon & Kate, but there aren’t 74 of them, they don’t look alike, and it’s real life.

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