No More Passwords

Are passwords on their way out?


There is an article on Computer World about what new features Windows 8 will have. Obviously it’s a long ways off and new technologies that emerge in the mean time will have an effect, but one feature in particular caught my eye.

Face recognition.

Google Chrome 5 allows users to sync up multiple computers to the browser by entering your e-mail address on each machine. Info is then stored on the web so that whatever change is made at one location will show up on the others.

It takes about five seconds to type in your e-mail address, but what if every computer could bring up all of your information based only on your face?

Forget about logins—including online as well—just look and the computer knows you. I know it only takes a few seconds, but think of how many times you login to computers and websites—at home, school, work, computer labs. They add up, but not anymore. You won’t have to worry about passwords anymore either.

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