One Player a Team Does Not Make

Sidney Crosby’s contract with the Penguins expires.

After a long period of contemplation he finally makes his announcement. “I’m going to DC,” he says, “that is my best opportunity to win a Cup.”

There is pandemonium on the streets. Washington is going nuts, even people in Philly are doing back flips.

People in Pittsburgh tear off their 87 jerseys and light them on fire, then extinguish them in one of three rivers.

Mario Lemieux pulls out a big red crayon and scribbles down an angry letter in half capital letters. “I let Him SLEEP down the hall from me for years and ThIs is how he repays US!?”

Can you see it?

I can’t.

Both the Penguins and Cavaliers were horrible teams when Sidney and LeBron joined them, but only one picked up the players they needed to complete a team good enough to win it all.

Which is the reason why Cleveland will suffer more than the Penguins would if Crosby left. They have nobody to blame, but themselves.

Pittsburghers would be very upset; for quite a few years at that. But they understand that one guy cannot win a championship by himself, even if he is the best player in the league.

Somebody understood this, Cleveland should have listened to him when they had the chance.


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