You Won’t Reach Your Goal Before Getting There

Mike Tomlin, picture by SteelCityHobbies (flickr)

“Good afternoon.”

That’s how Mike Tomlin starts every press conference that he holds. He said those words for the first time two days ago when he sat behind the microphone for the first time in the 2010 season.

Tomlin is one of my favorite coaches out there and not just because he’s the leader of my favorite team. You’ll hear plenty of coaches talk about taking it one game at a time, that you can’t win the next one before this one is over, but Tomlin practices that to a T.

His goal is to win the Super Bowl, but he can’t win it by focusing on it. He wins it by focusing on one game: the next one.

Tomlin is extremely methodical—so much in fact that he is criticized for being too much like a robot when he answers questions. It probably isn’t the most fun thing in the world either, to be so repetitious, but that is the route required to reach the goal. So that’s what he does.

You don’t win the Super Bowl without winning the next game. You don’t win the next game without good practices. You don’t practice well without being in the moment.

Focus on now and you will reach your goal.


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