Shooting stars and elephants,
Chia pets and jagged glass,
Newspapers and fire trucks,
DVDs melting on the grass.

Toothpicks and toothpaste,
Cockroaches and a paper stand,
Cardboard and lights.
Gum bands in the sand.

Aliens and cows,
Lollipops on fire,
Barbed wire bleeding a hand,
The politician who was a liar.

Death metal Spongebobs and checking books,
Libraries and boats,
Oversized cups and bleachers,
Ancient castles and their moats.

Racing cars and the teacher’s desk,
Tylenol and cardboard boxes,
Snare drums and paper mache,
Hot air balloons driven by stupid foxes.

Hardcover books and Steely McBeam,
Holy twaddle, what a dream!


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