Movie Reviews: Into the Wild, The Uninvited, The Crazies

Into the Wild by Travis S., on Flickr

Watched a few movies this weekend. I don’t generally review movies because I rarely go to the theater and nobody wants to read reviews of old movies. That being said, if you’ve never seen any of these movies it doesn’t matter how late the review is, which is why I present these absurdly late reviews:

Into the Wild seemed to drag on for two-and-a-half hours, but when it was over it really felt like time well spent. The slower pace helps take you along with the main character’s journey. The film explores that feeling that everyone has had to just leave everything behind and be outdoors, even though most would make it in the woods for about eleven minutes. Very good performance from Emile Hirsch.

Without spoiling too much, I agree with the main character’s ultimate conclusion—which is to say I would have preferred to watch the movie with someone else. 8/10

Friday the 13th weekend got me in the mood for some horror:

The Uninvited is entertaining, I guess, kind of. It’s a PG-13 horror film… you know the type. A few good moments that are kind of freaky, but it just doesn’t pull you in enough to make you forget you’re watching a movie. Viewers are likely to yell a few insults at the characters for being so dumb at one point or another. The female cast are all attractive, so that’s a plus I suppose. It does pick up and make you want to see what will happen partway through. I will give it props for the ending. 6/10

I capped my weekend with The Crazies. I didn’t have the highest expectations, but it’s actually a pretty good movie. It’s horror, but unlike The Uninvited it is of the R-rated variety. It didn’t go for the gross out factor, nor did it push the NC-17 boundary. It relied more on subtle moments of “That’s pretty messed up,” rather than zombie hack-and-slash, which ultimately worked in its favor. I would call it a survival horror film and it was up there with Cloverfield, which I really liked. I like that while it wasn’t the most realistic film —which is a difficult line to walk when dealing with ‘infected’ people—it wasn’t so unrealistic that it was impossible. 8/10


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