Women and Children Last Review

My review for the Murderdolls new album ‘Women and Children Last.’


People get intimidated with blood, violence, and gruesome lyrics, but a lot of it is done in fun and to have a good time, and really that’s what music is supposed to be about.

I got into the Murderdolls because of Joey being in Slipknot. I watched quite a few interviews with Wednesday 13 (the man was promoting like crazy) and found him to be a really likeable guy. The more I saw the more expectations grew; every one of them was met with Women and Children Last.

“The World According to Revenge” is a short song to kick things off, it’s the first showing of some Rob Zombie-sounding material, and it flows into “Chapel of Blood” very well. “Chapel of Blood” is the first track to have a heavier rock feel, though others are more punk oriented.

Those aspects of combining driving rock with a punk sound and fast lyrics is where Murderdolls find their unique sound. There is heaviness, but somehow parts remain light and happy-sounding.

“Bored ‘Til Death” speeds things up, it fits right in into the ‘hate song’ category (as opposed to the more popular love song).

“Drug Me to Hell” was one of the songs that had a trailer before the album came out and the full-length song sounds a lot different than I imagined it from the snippets that I heard. The refrain is pretty catchy. If you took the lyrics out of “Nowhere,” or just made them a little less grainy, this song might be able to get some radio play.

“Summertime Suicide” is the other song that had a few snippets released early, but this one turned out as expected—virtually the opposite of “Drug Me to Hell” or “My Dark Place Alone.” The lyrics are a bit morbid, but the tone of the music gives off a happy vibe; it’s a pretty catchy tune.

“Death Valley Superstars” continues that catchy vibe, but really rocks it out. “My Dark Place Alone” was a fitting single to release for the album. It’s got heavy parts, it’s got good parts to sing along to, it’s got some good screaming too. It’s the kind of song you jump up and down with to get pumped up.

“Blood Stained Valentine” is a little different from anything else on the album. The singing is a little less growly and it’s a good one to sing along to. The guitar is well done and demonstrates that Jordison isn’t just a drummer who dabbles in guitar. The man can play.

“Pieces of You” also has some good guitar, but overall it’s one of the weaker tracks. “Homicide Drive” has some good lyrics and stays with the driving rock theme.

“Rock N Roll Is All I Got” would fit right in at any AC/DC concert. It’s one of the best tracks of Women and Children Last. “Nothing’s Gonna Be Alright” and “Whatever You Got, I’m Against It” are of the punk variety, before closing out the album with “Hello, Goodbye, Die.”

The bonus tracks of “Motherf***er See, Motherf***er Do,” “The Funeral Ball,” and “A Moment Of Violence” are all just as good as most tracks on the album. The latter has some pretty awesome lyrics, “Row, row, row your boat and I’ll f***in cut your throat!”

This album is a change from their debut album, Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls, which was more punk and less polished. Not that the first was bad, but it feels like more effort went into the new one (and I think the band would agree on that one).

With side projects like the Murderdolls you never know when they’ll return—Jordison will forge on with Slipknot in the wake of bassist Paul Gray’s death and Wednesday could return to his solo project—but in the meantime it’s good to know that when they return they have shown they can produce some enjoyable material.

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