Green Zone Review

My review of the Paul Greengrass, Matt Damon film Green Zone.


I won a drawing at my local library—ten free movie rentals! I have no clue on what I’m going to rent, ten movies will last me… a few months or maybe ten weeks. I want to review them all though.

Movie One: Green Zone

Matt Damon in an action role? Makes you think of Jason Bourne IV.

Well, it isn’t… OK, so maybe it is… kind of.

Rather than the lonesome Bourne, Damon takes on the role of Roy Miller, a soldier in 2003 Iraq. Over the two-hour journey we track down the source of the WMDs, which were a large cause of the invasion. Miller is an excellent leader to his men, though he has some rebellion in him toward his own superiors.

Then again: part action hero, part detective, ringing any bells?

The story is well done, it’s entertaining, it’s somewhat believable (that is to say what really happened as far as WMDs in Iraq go will probably never be fully explained, let alone in some action movie).

Damon and Paul Greengrass, who also directed the latest two installments of the Bourne trilogy, seem to have this whole action thing down. Scenes like ‘taking the house’ are fantastic, although the final chase did drags on a little long. The decision to hire real soldiers to play the roles of the soldiers comes through well.

Thumbs up on acting all around; moments when the bullets aren’t flying separate Green Zone from most action flicks. The multiple story lines—something you don’t see much of in Bourne—come together nicely. There’s a shot near the end that would put a smile on the face of anyone who has done any type of investigative journalism.

The soundtrack helped to build further intensity at the crucial moments. Definitely worth watching. 8/10

“You think I do this for money? You think I don’t care about my country? I see what’s happening. You don’t think I see what’s happening? And all the people now, they have no water, they have no electricity – you think I do this for reward? You don’t think I do this for me? For my future. For my country. For all these things? Whatever you want here, I want more than you want. I want to help my country.”

Here’s the trailer, which seems to include a few deleted scenes. They were deleted for good reason:

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