The League Season One Review

I discovered The League a few days ago as I flipped through the channels and happened upon it on FX. Yesterday I bought the first season on DVD. Today I watched it and wrote a review.

Season One of The League is pretty short—six half-hour episodes, but it makes up for it with hilarious contents. The DVD adds some great extras.

The show is about a group of guys who play fantasy football every year. In itself it isn’t all that incredible of an idea and the show could’ve easily flopped. The reason it won’t is because the characters and actors who play them are funny and likable. They’re the group of guys that you want to be friends with… or at least play fantasy football with.

There isn’t a bad episode in the bunch; I’ll give my nod to “Mr. McGibblets” as the best. The hatchet scene is just hilarious.

I’m not sure why the episodes are still edited (which is to say they beep out three or four f-words). I would’ve preferred the uncut versions, but it’s not much difference.

The bonus content is pretty good, a short called “Mr. McGibblets Fun House and Dojo” is one of the best things on the DVD. There are also a few extended songs from the show with Jon Lajoie, who plays Taco.

The bloopers and alternate takes, about 15 minutes worth, are pretty good because they give a look at how the semi-scrpitedness (yes, I made that word up) of the show works. There aren’t too many deleted scenes, which can be expected from a TV show. It would have been nice to see some of the inserted into the episodes for the DVD.

Overall, definitely worth at least a rent, but do it quick because Season Two starts Thursday night.


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