Steelers 2010 Season: Game Two

My take on the Steelers’ performance against the Titans in Week Two.


The best performance I’ve seen out of the Steelers defense ever. That pretty much sums it up.

The worst performance I’ve seen out of the Steelers offense ever. That doesn’t sum much up.

Ron Cook made a good point on the radio this morning, asking how many teams could win with their fourth string quarterback at the helm. The answer is not many.

That being said, that is what it has come to. Passing for 43 yards will not win many games, which means passing for a 43 yards isn’t acceptable. I don’t care if you were selling beer in the stands last week, whoever the QB is needs to do better.

Only three receivers received passes—Ward and Randel El combined for nine yards on two catches—I can’t hold them responsible for that because you can’t catch what isn’t thrown to you.

Rashard Mendenhall rushed for 69 yards. Not a terrible number, but I’m not sure why it took getting stuffed up the middle about seven times in a row until they decided to do a pitch out. I’m not sure what happened to cycling Moore and Redman in, because they only combined for six carries. If you want to pound the ball up the middle, those are the guys who should do it.

Another solid performance by Jeff Reed.

A lot of fantasy owners with Chris Johnson on their team found out just how good they are, but the defense can’t play like that every game. The offense needs to step it up. I can’t stand this mentality of just holding it together until Ben gets back. With a D like that this team should be 4-0 and win games by an average of 35 points.

Most people were happy with going 2-2 in Ben’s absence, but now that two wins are in the bag the mentality shouldn’t stay the same. It should shift to taking control of this division—which we’re in first place of if you hadn’t noticed.

Cleveland plays Baltimore next week, Cincinnati plays Carolina. Week Four sees Baltimore come to Pittsburgh and Cincinnati go to Cleveland.

If everything goes perfect (which is extremely doubtful, but possible) the Steelers could have a three game lead by the time Ben comes back. But if 2-2 is good enough for you, then we’ll be a game behind.

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