Creation Review

My review of the 2009 film ‘Creation.’


Creation does a good job of making you think while entertaining you, a mixture that is difficult to come by in today’s cinema.

The film tells the backstory of Charles Darwin’s writing of The Origin of Species. As with any movie based on real events, especially as Darwin spends much of his time alone, how much is real is up for speculation.

It’s distracting when an actor who is known for another role turns around and plays a completely different part. But Paul Bettany, who played the energetic and excited Geoffrey Chaucer in A Knight’s Tale, is solid and convincible in the lead role. In similar fashion Jennifer Connelly, who has been in films ranging from Requiem for a Dream to Dark Water, is excellent in the part of Darwin’s wife. Then again, the couple had time to practice as they are also married in the real world.

The best performance, however, was Martha West’s in the role of Annie.

The camera work was great, the score was very good. There were a few shots of animals and decomposition over time that were excellent. 8/10

“Read it first.”

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