Steelers 2010 Season: Game Three

My thoughts on the Steelers in Week Three and why only Ben will lead them to the Super Bowl.


Every Monday I like to write a wrap up of the previous day’s Steelers game, but I’m not sure I need to go on too long today.

All that needs to be said is this: If the Steelers replicate the performance from yesterday every single week they might lose one time this season.

The defense played well once again and the offense decided to join them this week. The big lead gave the D some leeway and the defense was awesome, which kept any pressure off of the offense.

I hear some chatter about not needing Ben back, that Charlie can lead us to the Promised Land. Maybe he can, it would be interesting to see, but I would rather not. That’s not a knock on Charlie, he’s a guy who may not even be in a Steelers uniform were it not for multiple injuries, but he has stuck it out and obviously prepared well for the season regardless.

He isn’t Big Ben though.

When the Steelers get the mentality that the upcoming game or games will be a challenge they elevate their game. When they come into a game like yesterday’s knowing that their fourth string QB is at the helm, they give a little more. A few years ago when they faced the most difficult schedule in three decades, they gave a little more and they won the Super Bowl. The following year when they had a pretty easy schedule, they didn’t give a little more, and they didn’t do as well.

It’s next to impossible to give that extra boost week-after-week and Ben is the QB who gives the Steelers the best chance of winning without that extra boost.

The Steelers’ biggest challenge comes next week in Baltimore. Yes, they only beat the Browns by a touchdown, but when the Ravens come to town there is no doubt they’ll be giving a little more.

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