The Social Network Review

My review of The Social Network.


I went into The Social Network with some pretty high expectations after seeing such good reviews, it met them for the most part. It wasn’t the greatest movie in the history of the world, but I wouldn’t have minded another half hour or so.

It has a very quick pace and covers a lot of ground, but it never went overboard. Each character was shown from multiple viewpoints very well, most looked like a good guy in most scenes and a jerk in others. Not that real life is always balanced like that, but who knows what really went on? Probably no one.

Sean Parker was an interesting character, I loved his “They won in the courts” line. I’m listening to snippets of the movie’s soundtrack on amazon right now, which wouldn’t be possible if not for Parker. Speaking of that soundtrack, I didn’t notice it a lot, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing—it certainly wasn’t distracting. I’ll probably end up buying it.

The movie is funny, which is a must for a film with so much dialogue. It was paced well and the makers knew that with so much info flying around a few break scenes would be necessary; they executed flawlessly.

There were some great scenes—my favorite being the programmer tryout. I have a very basic understanding of programming (no pun intended), but to see guys like that completely in their element is awesome. Characters with the drive that Zuckerberg exhibits fascinate me a great deal. To be completely lost in your element, or “wired in” as they call it, is something that I hope everybody gets to experience as often as possible.

The girls and the partying likely did take place to an extent, but I’m sure the bulk of the work was a lot less glamorous. Sites like Facebook, Google, or Wikipedia didn’t get to what they are because a few guys just happened to be born with something special. They ended up that way because of people who sit at home in front of their computer screen on a Friday night, often instead of going to that party.

Then again, if The Social Network inspires a few people to go out and become the next Zuckerberg, that can’t be a bad thing, even if 99% of them don’t make it. Hopefully they’ll have some friends to fall back on… and thanks to thefacebook, they’re only a click away.

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