How Fantasy Sports Are Like Life

Baseball night DSC_5573 B, originally uploaded by Joe Y Jiang.

This was the first season I played fantasy baseball, and I won my league. I’ve only played fantasy sports once before—football a few seasons ago. I won my league there too, so I’m 2-0. I thought I would grow weary after a few weeks, because unlike football, baseball requires adjusting your lineup every day.

Over 180 in a row, actually. I didn’t miss a day.

I came up with a strategy (which I ain’t telling you) and it worked. The rest was luck.

You can study stats until you are blue in the face, but if your guys don’t go out and get it done you aren’t going to win. Part is strategy in giving yourself the best percentage chance possible, the other part is luck.

That’s not so different than life. You can go to the best school, with the best teachers, and best resources. Study until you are blue in the face and get great grades.

Or you can skip all of that, get lucky, and find a great job doing something you love anyway.

Going to school can only increase your chances so much, it’s often a significant increase, but if you don’t get that big break then you won’t get the job you dreamed of having. We often don’t even recognize that break when it happens.

There is comfort in knowing that there are things beyond your control and that you shouldn’t feel bad if you don’t succeed—it’s not always your fault. The guy that invented fantasy sports has never won his league, but he didn’t give up after the first year—just remember it’s the same way in life.

Stay hungry, and don’t miss a day.


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