Pens Winning Everything but the Score

So far the Penguins are 0-2 and have outplayed their opponents in every aspect of the game except the score. Crosby looks very hungry for that first goal; he is surprisingly close to mid-season form already. Hopefully he doesn’t wear himself out.

Mark Letestu tore it up in the second game and was rewarded with a goal. It’s great to see that from the younger guys. Tyler Kennedy has been stellar in both games as well.

Paul Martin and Zbynek Michalek both seem right at home in their new home. As does Mike Comrie who has been an awesome addition.

Malkin looked much better in the second game, but he can look foolish when the points don’t come. He seems to be in slow motion at times, as if every action is planned in advance and deliberate. That’s the opposite of the style guys like Ovechkin play, but not all bad: There was a guy Mario who was very deliberate with his actions too, you’ve probably heard of him.

Overall, the Penguins seem to be playing well. They’ve faced two goalies that have had great games, and got lucky more than once. Five of their shots hit the post in the first game. If they keep at it those shots will bounce in, rather than out.

Early game in New Jersey today before two more at their awesome new home later in the week. The only thing the CEC seems to be missing is a win.

Just like the Steelers, I’ll throw out my observations on the Penguins from time to time. If someone has a Penguins-dedicated blog and they’re looking for content, let me know!


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