Equilibrium’s Rekreatur Review

Rekreatur isn’t as good as Equilibrium’s Sagas. 2008’s Sagas was absolutely incredible, Rekreatur is only amazing.

Despite a lineup change that added a new drummer and singer, Equilibrium stuck to the formula that made Sagas so great. This band is the definition of epic, their sound is completely original. It’s folk metal, it’s symphonic metal, it’s black metal all at the same time.

Obviously it’s difficult to understand with the lyrics in German, but it’s the music that makes Equilibrium worth listening to. You’ll find the same type of mixture that Sagas had, some songs are heavier and have more lyrics, while others feature that lighter folk side. Some are even lighter with some light female vocalizations. They conclude with a 13-minute progressive instrumental track.

While it might sound like it’s just a repeat of Sagas, because Equilibrium is so diverse in their music they constantly have new instruments and sounds popping up (there’s even a few birds and a dog in there) which keeps it fresh as ever.

If you are going to buy Rekreatur, get the two-disc edition. The second disc is one of the coolest bonus discs ever released, containing five acoustic tracks that span the band’s career. It’s short, but it’s some really catchy stuff and difficult not to dance to.

The package has a cover similar to a hardcover book and includes a booklet complete with lyrics and pictures of the band members.

The band members talk about the idea of the acoustic version coming while writing music at a nearby lake. Sitting around a fire, rocking out unplugged, and having a good time, isn’t that what music is all about?


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