Big Ben’s Big Return

The biggest story of the day was Big Ben’s big return. It wasn’t all that big of a deal though, as he simply came in and picked up where he left off. It gave the offense a much-needed shot in the arm with lots of longer passes, one drive went from Ben throwing out of his own end zone to a first and goal in two plays. He overthrew a few passes, one of which got picked off, but I expect that to improve as the weeks go on.

My only offensive complaint was that Mendenhall seemed to be overused, why run him straight up the middle inside your own ten yard line multiple times just to run out the clock on the first half? It’s a minor deal though. I did like Redman getting a few third down reps.

Not much going on for the special teams. Solid punts from Sepulveda and no kicks for Reed. The defense didn’t get to Colt McCoy as much as one would’ve thought, but they contained the Browns well enough.

If you look back at my season preview I wrote that these five games were an important stretch: Cleveland, at Miami, at New Orleans on Sunday Night, at Cincinnati on Monday night, and back home against New England.

One game in, we’re in first place thanks to New England’s comeback and OT win over Baltimore. The next three being on the road make it more difficult, not to mention two in primetime. ESPN columnist James Walker wrote this week that the Steelers were the NFL’s lone dominant team. If that’s true, they have a perfect opportunity to prove it over the next few weeks.


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