Why Start With Why?


Was that a dull intro? Sorry, it was how Simon Sinek told me to start.

OK, so maybe it wasn’t. His book is called Start With Why though. You should read it, here’s why:

This book changed how I look at the world. I don’t think there’s a higher compliment I can give it than that. As a communications major, but also with an interest in marketing this book was right up my alley.

More importantly, I am a customer just like you, and people try to sell us stuff every day. By using Sinek’s Golden Circle, it’s not difficult to see why some companies do better than others.

At some points the books felt repetitious, because applies the same principals to so many different people. The repetition was boring at first and the book could’ve probably been half as long, but it’s actually a good thing for two reasons: Repetition helps you learn and from the numerous examples it’s pretty darn clear that the Golden Circle works.

Apple is used as an example quite a bit. It’s a company I’ve seen criticized many times for being overpriced and underpowered. But after Start With Why it’s very easy to see why they are successful.

He gets down to the people behind the companies, most of which are so big that it’s easy to forget that they started with only a few people.

After the examples, the book has a great conclusion as Sinek shares his journey to find his why and how everyone can find their own. Hopefully you find your WHY and I find mine, this book has inspired me that it’s worth finding.


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