Did Google and Microsoft Mix Up Their Phones?

The reason Google is the largest search engine in the world is because its goal is to get the searcher to the information as fast as possible.

Originally that meant bringing up the results that you were actually looking for based on what you typed in. Obviously it’s done a pretty good job, despite what Bing’s commercials would have you believe.

Recently they made it even quicker with Instant Search, now you’ve got what you’re looking for before you type the whole word. It’s all in the name of getting the people to the information ASAP.

It’s not like that on other places. Go to Yahoo or MSN right now. Where is the emphasis? Not on the search. They’ve got 62 different articles to read because they want you to stay on their site. Google doesn’t.

It’s the complete opposite for phones though. Look at the front screen of the Windows Phone: It tells you what you care about most. How many missed calls, new text messages, new e-mails.

As someone who uses a Droid 2, however, Microsoft’s commercials for its phones are more accurate than for its search engine. I pull out my phone and Android sucks me in. It’s closer to a small computer than a phone, but I still use it to connect with people, not search the web.

Companies as big as Google don’t fall apart because of competition; if it ever comes to that it will be due to internal issues as well, like losing sight of its goal. Will the trend continue as they explore more areas?


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