For Apple, Perception is Greater Than Reality


“I love Apple computers. I’m obsessed. So the Apple computer… it challenges me. It basically says, ‘What are you going to write worthy of me?’” — JJ Abrams 

I have classes in two computer labs. One is the “Mac lab” which contains about thirty Mac Pros with widescreen monitors; the other is the more traditional PC lab.

I spend the majority of my time on campus behind a computer in these rooms. It is quickly apparent that there is something different about them that goes beyond the color the walls are painted.

Go shopping for a Mac Pro and you’ll probably find the price a few thousand dollars more than your average Dell desktop. But nobody sleeps out in the cold to buy a new whatever every time Dell—or any PC maker for that matter—releases a new product.

You’ll also discover is that the power under the hood is a lot more affordable when buying a PC.

The reason why I would rather hang out in the room with the Macs, though, is because Apple doesn’t sell computers. They sell inspiration.

There’s a great book called, Start With Why, that contains what one of my teachers would call “all the gory details” about why people go to such great lengths for Apple products when they aren’t necessarily the best out there.

It can be summed up rather simply though: when I sit down in front of a 23” widescreen monitor with Apple’s sleek and simple design and grasp their mouse with one big button to use a much more visually appealing OS than Windows, the creative side of my brain is much more excited than when I’m in front of any PC.

So maybe the critics are right and everything Apple sells is overpriced, but it’s difficult to gauge a mentality. And if Apple can help JJ Abrams give us things like Lost ,maybe it’s worth a few extra bucks.


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