Twitter, Not Facebook, Is Actually Connecting the World

Facebook is the undisputed king of social networks, at least at the moment, but it may not actually be the one doing most of the connecting—at least when compared to Twitter.

While Facebook’s privacy controls have allowed it to become such a big deal, they actually prevent it from connecting the community as a whole.

Twitter has developed an interesting duality of being a very serious and very fast news site, while also being a big funny game. So while Facebook can provide certainly provide you with news and humor, it only comes from your friends or the organizations that you “like.”

With trending topics on twitter, however, one click and you can see what everyone—not that you follow, but from all around the world—is saying about a topic.

Some of these trending topics are jokes, hastags like #wordsthatcanstartawar (for those of you who don’t speak twitter-ese these are tweets about “Words That Can Start a War”) which is trending as I write this, can often lead to a funny time when you have a global pool offering their suggestions.

Blatantly, it’s a big game. I sometimes wonder if the people who work at Twitter throw random things on the trending list just to see what people will come up with.

I have found this leads to people follow people they don’t know all that well—from a different country or culture—and develop a friendship. Conversely, Facebook is a place to keep up with the lives of the people you already know in the physical world.

Comparing those two scenarios, I can’t help but think Twitter is the one doing a better job at creating the global community we all say the internet will lead to.


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