Spring Break Week 2011

I had a very interesting Spring Break 2011. As is not uncommon for my life, it revolved around two topics at opposite ends of the spectrum.

First was that of technological singularity. I watched the documentary Transcendent Man about Ray Kurzweil and his predictions for the future. The singularity is a topic I’ve been interested in for a while, but I’ve thought a lot more about it lately. I had the realization that death may not always be how it has been treated in the past, it’s really something worth contemplating for everyone.

The other part of my week has been reading the book Born to Run, watching lots of videos on YouTube about barefoot running, and even trying it for myself. This is a practice which dates back millions of years into the past. It is not only something I hope to pursue more in the future, but one that I hope catches on more in the mainstream as the trend grows.

I think it’s possible that we all live for an extremely long time–if not forever–but we have to make it to the point that technology allows us to do so first. It’s possible that it will fall into our natural lives anyway, but being in as good a shape as possible can’t hurt.


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