No More “You Had to Be There”

Five years ago nobody would have predicted a home movie like this would have been seen by 14 million people. What does that mean for the next five years?

Also, how many events (and I use “events” in a loose sense because it can include something as simple as a baby laughing) in the past have been missed because it didn’t have an affordable camera to capture it or the internet to distribute it?

A few days ago Kevin Kelly wrote about Scroll Back Media, which I think will be something that is integrated into our brains eventually. When we can back up our memory, just like we back up our computers, imagine what we will capture then… in short, everything. We won’t just upload videos to YouTube, we’ll upload experiences complete with sight, sound, and probably even smell and touch.

This will have an incredible change on our lives. Why watch a movie about a war when you could experience it first hand? Why commit a crime when there’s always solid proof of what you’ve done? (Or is there? Who owns your memory?) One thing we rest assured about is that we won’t be missing any funny babies.


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