Do Anything You Want, but be Happy

Seven bucks and two hours is all it takes to consume Derek Sivers’s book Anything You Want. That’s time and money well spent if it changes your life—and it very well may.

Anything You Want, and The Domino Project that it is a part of, points out that just because many business act in one way it does not mean that yours has to. And just because many people act one way, it does not mean you have to.

Sivers’s stories are short, easy to understand, and make their point well. Some of the stories have been on his blog for a while, but are actually easier to consume in book form. Like that story? Here’s another. Like that one? Here’s another. An hour later and you’re smarter and astounded at what just happened.

The second part is tougher: Use what you have learned to break out of your box (or perhaps ‘poke the box’ would be the better term), give the book to someone, talk about it, do what you want—anything you want—but do something.

Get it here.


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