Loving the Lunas

I can’t go for a run without people giving me funny looks.

I’m pretty sure it’s the sandals.

The Luna Sandals

About five months ago I read this book called Born to Run and I haven’t worn a pair of running shoes since—at least not while running. I started out going straight up barefoot, but that takes some time to get used to. Eventually I bought a pair of Luna Sandals and I haven’t looked back since.

There’s a lot of debate—mostly among people who have never tried it—whether or not minimalist running is a good idea. Here’s my evidence:

  • If I wear running shoes, I can go two miles before I have a blister.
  • Last Tuesday I ran eight miles in my sandals and felt completely fine.

After the initial shift I haven’t had sore legs, nor have I had to stretch once. If you have no issues with your shoes, awesome. Don’t switch. But you are in the minority. The majority of runners do get hurt every year, and if you’re in that category, what have you got to lose?


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