People Who Avoid Social Networking: What Are You Hiding?

I bet you’ve heard this before, “Anything you put online is out there for everyone to see! When you go to get a job, you better bet they’ll see those pictures of you drunk at that party and you’ll be out of the job before you even start. Stay off social networks.”

I’ve heard four people make that same ridiculous argument in the past week and it’s starting to get old.

Here’s a thought about ‘social networks’: They are no different than anything else in life.

Here’s a thought about life: Don’t be a dooftart.

If you don’t want an employer (or your neighbor or your grandma) to see you drunk at a party, the problem isn’t that pictures of it somehow got online; it’s that you were drunk at a party. (Note: You are free to insert anything you want for ‘drunk at a party.’)

When I go to that job interview, I’m going to say, ‘I have two twitter accounts. I’ve tweeted over 7,000 times and have over 2,800 followers, they prove over an extended period of time I’m responsible in social networking and in life.’ Not that I would want every tweet on my gravestone, but you’re free to read any of them.

Try to convince me the guy who has never used a social network is going to get that job. Where’s his proof?

One other thing about twitter: If you tell me that twitter is a waste of time because ‘why would I want to follow everything you do? Who cares what you are eating?’ Please explain to me why I should listen to you, because you have proven by making that statement that you have never used twitter and have no clue what you are talking about.

Defining ‘drunk’: You are too drunk when you don’t realize that ‘this picture probably doesn’t reflect me in a positive manor.’


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