How Siri Helps Look Into the Future

Apple’s latest announcement was of Siri, a new feature on the iPhone 4S that can understand speech patterns and execute commands thusly.

It’s typical Apple. Take something that already exists (most phones already understand voice commands), but few people actually use, and make it cool to the masses. And it does save time—it’s quicker to say something than type it.

At some point in the future, you will be able to put that iPhone inside your head (figuratively of course) and speech commands will be replaced with thought. So rather than say it, I will think ‘What will the weather be on Tuesday?’ and Siri will show me—in my head—that it will be a nice day.

Which, if you think about, won’t be like asking and receiving an answer. Because with the speed that it will happen at, it will just be knowing what the weather will be like.

And when everyone can just know everything on the internet, that by that time will be indefinitely larger than it is now, it’s a world so different that… well, think about it on your own for a while.


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