How Little Has Changed…

I got a monster box set of World Series games on DVD this Christmas. Ken Burns’s Baseball series is as good as it gets for baseball, but this is second.

It starts in the 1940s, what many call the golden age of baseball, so it is funny to hear the narrator’s references to old players that played during the “good old days.”

The incredible part is that virtually nothing has changed. The mounds are a little bigger and things are in color now, but any Major Leaguer could go back fifty or sixty years and step right into a starting lineup.

The best part, though, is the errors. Ball players of the past are often shown on highlight reels as a notch below the gods. As it turns out, third baseman bobbled sac bunts and then threw the ball into right field in the ‘40s too. Jackie Robinson got caught overrunning second base and Joe DiMaggio struck out with runners on.

It makes them seem even greater, knowing these guys were human too.


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