Jackson Signs with Pirates After Online Fan Campaign

That’s the headline we want to see.

On Wednesday night Pirates blogger McEffect was getting ready to cheat on his math test when Raise the Jolly Roger kept him honest by bursting through the metaphorical door in his room via twitter.

Pirates’ closer Joel Hanrahan had mentioned that Edwin Jackson would look good in black and gold. This had something to it. Maybe he’ll listen if a few people let him know the city was already behind him.

“We need at least 100 more people to tweet him. Let’s go to work,” said Mc.

Unfortunately it was 20 minutes to midnight and most normal people would already be sleeping… only Pirates fans aren’t normal. Within a few hours #EjaxToBucs had been established, @EJ36 was being barraged with one creative reason after another as to why he should come to the ‘burgh. I photoshopped up a picture.

Within 20 minutes the cause was trending in Pittsburgh. And it continued on well after 1am.

Jackson isn’t exactly a mind-blowing pitcher, but he is the best option available on the market right now particularly for a Pirates team that has a weaker starting rotation. He’s been on seven teams in as many years, but does have a no-hitter and an all-star game to his credit.

By morning well over 100 people had joined in the cause, including Pirates starter James McDonald.

Jackson thanked #BucsNation, which are technically the Tampa Bay Bucs’ fans, who aren’t as creative as labeling their fan base as us. While not overly encouraging, it was a nice gesture, but Jackson is a Major League baseball player after all. There are millions of dollars on the line here and it’s not like he’s the only party involved.

So is this whole campaign just a bunch of dumb college kids up late when they should’ve been studying for their math test? I say no. The impact that twitter can have is no longer up for debate. Everybody has heard of the power of online connection.

I guarantee there will be a headline like the one above someday. Once you get over the money aspect, it’s a darn nice benefit to go to work everyday and be supported by thousands of people. And it’s already been proven that if Jackson shows up in Pittsburgh he has the fans’ support from day one.

And you know who else the would be smart to listen? The Pirates. I get the whole multi-ownership regime thing, but when it comes down to it the product that they have put on the field for two decades has been so terrible that when they win four games in a row PNC Park is packed.

Imagine if they gave their fans what they wanted more often.

You think there aren't ten other guys like him Bucs? Or 100?

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