Looking at Things Differently

Every book you read or movie you watch will change your view on the world in some way—when it comes to the documentary duo of Objectified and Helvetica, they will literally change how you look at things.

Objectified is about the things around us, you’re looking at 20 right now and don’t even know it. Your computer, desk, phone, keyboard, headphones, chair, electrical plug on the wall, your pop bottle, the design of the label on the bottle, and the carpet underneath you were all designed by somebody at some point.

This usually leads to one of two thoughts about each item you look at. “That’s neat, never noticed it before” or “What the heck were they thinking?”

Helvetica looks at the fonts used in everyday life. Like the objects that were designed, somebody choose—whether consciously or not—what the font of each word you read is. How far between each letter and between each line. Should the font dictate the message or the other way around?


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