The Most Wonderful Day of the Year

Most kids will probably tell you Christmas is the best day of the year, some adults too. They’re wrong.

Opening Day is the best day of the year.

On Christmas morning you come down stairs to find the gifts arranged neatly around the tree. You open them. It takes ten minutes and it’s over.

Get a stupid pair of polka dotted socks and you’re done. Better luck next year.

In baseball though, things don’t end on Opening Day. They begin. If you lose, you come back tomorrow and the game will count just the same.

We probably make a bigger deal out of it than it deserves, but the first time for anything deserves some extra recognition. Even after a hundred first games, it’s still special.

It’s the beginning, it’s new hope, it’s eating hot dogs under the sun. It’s new birth and a reminder that there really are special things in life we should be careful not to squander… you know, kind of like Christmas.


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