How Many Pens Are You Trying to Write With?

I used to have four cups on my desk. One was filled with pens, the second pencils, the third random utensils like highlighters. (The fourth was for my drink).

When I jumped into minimalism and cleaned out my room a few weeks ago, I debated if I should keep two cups or just one. Either way still felt too cluttered, so I went further and kept one pencil, one pen, one eraser (I like big erasers, they keep things much neater), and no cups.

Then a week ago, I realized that I had not used the pencil. So I got rid of it and the eraser too.

This has been a bit of a microcosm of my whole minimalistic journey, but let me see the overall picture.

Once you get rid of 90% of the stuff you have, you really scrutinize what is left because it’s all you’ve got to look at. And so I have slowly continued to get rid of more stuff.

I never would have been able to do this a month ago. Surrounded by so many unnecessary things makes it difficult to focus on what you do and do not use. Chances are you won’t miss it if you take it away though; I got rid of ten garbage bags worth of stuff, but I couldn’t list 15 of the things that were in them now.

It is kind of odd to think about, but it somehow makes sense. You can only write one thing at a time, why do you need so many pens?

My one pen. (It’s a Pentel Finito!)

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