What Would the Mall Look Like if You Eliminated the Unnecessary Stuff?

Say your local shopping mall was boiled down to only what was necessary to live. What would it look like?

Obviously there would be some disagreement, but if you’re honest with yourself all you really need is food, shelter, and clothing. Here’s what I think it would be:

Grocery store – Probably one with a bunch of healthy foods, I mean this is the ideal world we’re living in here.

Clothes – Not even vital in some places of the world, but modern culture deems that we need to wear something. Probably simple stuff here, who cares if your shirt has a logo on it?

Furniture – With shelter as one of the requirements, I’m assuming you’ll want more than a sleeping bag. Chairs, tables, beds. Maybe couches.

Electronics – You do probably need a phone in this day in age, even if you really want to cut back most people have at least a simple home phone. Computers, Kindles, and TVs for entertainment here as well, which would arguably be the fourth necessary item of living. This store could probably house ‘office supplies’ like paper and pens too.

Home ‘furnishings’ – Get some artwork, liven your house up some, but be careful of falling back into the consumerism trap.

Car dealership – Even if you are very environmentally conscious, most people still have cars.

Did I forget anything? If not, take a look around the mall next time you go and take note of all the excess stores.


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