Active Rooter > Passive Watcher

Tonight was the reason I play fantasy football.

Green Bay and Seattle played: two teams that I care nothing about. And I was on the edge of my seat the entire game.

My opponent had Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch and led by four points entering the game. But I have Aaron Rodgers, dancer and star quarterback on my side.

I saw no way that I was going to lose with that matchup, but Green Bay’s offensive line took the first half off and got Rodgers beat up and their team down. But it stayed close enough for striking distance. The second half was a completely different game, with long sustained drives that included a lot of passing yards.

The Packers apparently ate good cheese at halftime.

Then, early in the fourth quarter, Greg Jennings caught the pass across the middle, turned and dove into the end zone. Touchdown.

I was leading for the first time. I jumped off the couch and fist pumped. Hard. Twice.

But by the time the game got back from the commercial break, the play had been reviewed. And it was determined Jennings stepped out of bounds. Points were taken off the boards, both fantasy and reality, and I was losing again. For good.

In fact, that play cost me the week. The joy though, is in the journey. Last year I would have known a lot less about both teams, would have never got so much enjoyment out of the game, even if I had watched it, which I probably would not have. Passively watching any sport is extremely boring, fantasy sports are the best way to become a fan of someone in every game.

I’ll get ’em next week though, or at least I’ll be rooting.