There was a report on the news tonight about Hurricane Sandy destroying people’s houses and all of their belongings. A few families were digging though the pile of debris that used to be their home. And most of them were upset because they had lost everything.

Not that I do not feel that losing everything you have would be difficult. But it reinforced my decision, perhaps more than anything, that choosing to live a more minimalist life was the right thing to do.

If my house were reduced to a pile of stucco tomorrow, I would not have really lost all that much. Which is exactly the point. You do not need a bunch of shit to be happy, so why risk losing it all?

I would be most upset over losing my laptop. And that can easily be replaced. Clothes are not expensive or difficult to find. Books can be expensive, but I have fewer than before. I would not feel sad by losing any of my DVDs; I can rent anything worth watching.

Things are things. They are not us. They cannot make us happy, but losing them can make us sad. So why get them in the first place?

For more (and better) writing about minimalism go here.


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