Know What You Have

This week was ‘exchange summer clothing for winter clothing out of the attic’ week. I have a lot less clothes than I did a year ago, but it was good to do because it kept me conscious of what I have. And presented the opportunity to examine whether or not I still need everything.

I had nine pairs of jeans, four of which had holes in the knees. I only wear jeans with holes in them when I am raking leaves, so I only need one pair. Pulling them out of the attic made me realize that I did not know I had three other pairs that were just taking up space that I do not have in my dresser.

That seems to be common among many people. They simply do not know what they have. They know they need one of something so they will not throw it away, without realizing that they have six.

This is probably most common when it comes to clothes, but it could be anything. Do not be afraid to empty out a drawer or closet you have not looked in for a while just to see what you already have. Chances are you have forgotten about something that you can either put to good use or get rid of.