A Year-Round Holiday Isn’t a Holiday

I hate traditional Christmas songs, because they are traditional songs. Or more specifically why they become traditional songs: they are played over, and over, and over, and over. Overplaying songs ruins them.

Radio stations love Christmas songs, because if there is something radio stations excel at it is overplaying songs. And they overplay them until I want to throw up in my stocking.

I dread the names Bublé and Groban because Bing Crosby was singing most of their songs forty years ago. Mix things up for goodness sake.

Being a once-a-year occurrence is what makes holidays so special. If Christmas happened once a month, it would not be so great.

The longer it gets, the more the sales are plugged, the more the music is overplayed, the less it will be enjoyed. But put your tree up on December 18, take it down on the 26th, and you are going to enjoy the hell out of every minute that tree is standing.

I am not sure the same can be said about a season that lasts from a week before Thanksgiving to a week into January.