Fix It, Don’t Tweet It

Yesterday Tennessee running back Chris Johnson asked if a movie was available on-demand yet via Twitter. Some guy responded with a complaint about Johnson’s lack of fantasy football points. Johnson countered thusly:

And Chris Johnson is exactly right. People who tweet complaints, particularly when they are directed toward a professional athlete, are ridiculous.

They are ridiculous because the subject of the vast majority of things people tweet complaints about are within their ability to change. Rather than changing it though, they get on Twitter and look for pity.

Consider the guy above. Having Chris Johnson on his fantasy team is 100% voluntary. Johnson is on the team because the guy made the decision to put him on his team. If you cannot take the initiative to trade him or drop him there is no reason to complain about him being on your team. (Even worse, Johnson has performed well over the last six weeks.)

Complaining about Johnson would be like me putting on a red shirt and tweeting about how much I hate wearing red shirts. I am unable to conjure a reasonable defense for doing that, and yet people do it multiple times every day.

  • Think Chris Johnson is lame? Trade him.
  • Think your job sucks? Quit.
  • Nothing on TV? Read a book.
  • Got a dumb boyfriend? Dump him.
  • Good looking and got a dumb boyfriend? I’m single.

Do not tweet about it. And before you run to Twitter to complain, ask yourself is this a legitimate complaint or am I just lazy?