Who Are You Talking To?

You talk to different people in different ways because it is easier to make your point if you know who you are talking to. Everybody knows this.

But apparently it does not apply to Twitter.

Real tweets:

  • “I hate being in this situation.”
  • “What the hell?”
  • “So angry right now. This is so frustrating.”
  • You are a [insert noun used in conjunction with a variation of the f-word].

None of these were expanded on. They are just isolated messages. And while everyone has the right to tweet in the manor they wish, what is the point of these tweets? It appears you are upset, but I cannot help you, nor can any of your other followers because none of them know what you are talking about either.

As much as people like to claim that social media is invading the privacy of their daily lives, I do not know where my friends are or what they are doing right now. You probably do not either. And so these messages are ruined by a lack of context.

These tweets were the result of people forgetting who the recipient of their message was. The point of Twitter is not to please your followers, but you owe it to them to at least not waste their time.