Do These Pants Make My Closet Look Full?

I used to have shirts in my closet that I did not like. So I never wore them. And they just hung there, taking up space. As a typical guy clothes are not a big deal to me. Comfort > looks. And yet, I felt compelled to keep them anyway.

One of the things that the minimalist mindset helped me do was stop lying to myself that I would someday like the clothes that I never wore. Which made it a lot easier to get rid of them.

I now have 30 shirts, because there are 30 days in a month. That seems like too many now, but when I had 50, it was difficult to get down to 30. When I got down to 33 I kept trying to convince myself that I would regret giving away three more shirts. Within two weeks I forgot what those three shirts looked like.

Conversely, I had a few shirts that I like so much that I would avoid wearing because I liked them so much I feared ruining them. This is just as dumb.

Now I wear all my shirts because I do this, you should try it: Do not wash any clothes until your closet is empty. Only when your closet is empty are you permitted to wash them and begin the cycle again. If you get to the end of the month and there is a shirt still hanging in your closet that you have been avoiding wearing, wear it or give it away.

I feel like I could giveaway all 30 of my shirts and use five plain black and five plain white t-shirts and be fine. I feel like this because I no longer give my stuff more meaning than it deserves, which is what I saw as the goal of minimalism from the start.