Caption Poetry

Like most single, American men in their mid-20s I spend my Friday nights watching Slavoj Žižek videos. These are only enhanced more by watching them with YouTube’s caption feature, which automatically translates language into words.

The accuracy of the captions is not very good, but when combined with Žižek’s near-impossible Slovenian accent, they are beauty. Here he is talking about movies:

Then that hurt.
Shocked God a chink Egypt pretentions Craig.
Dreams a document that he owned,
A making coffee.
Let ‘em around a movie,
How close we rebuked rich right.

You let him bat about, ok.
Good visual problems making coffee,
Or some freshman she said amish, I think.
Bitch, I like got the Italian because I’m totally theoretically crap.

Gotta go I think it’s much better than the movie.