Who is Patrick Reddick? Well, he has…

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What does The Eclecticist mean?

Blogs have changed over time. They used to be like diaries that anyone could read.

But we moved away from this because unless you are famous, people do not care what you think about everything (or anything).

So now, blogs are about one topic. At least the successful ones are.

This blog is not about one topic.

This blog does tend to focus on the future. It is about the internet, where it is headed, and how technology is changing how we communicate.

Now, I do not think I am so special that you care about what I have to say on everything (or anything). But I think about more than how communication is evolving.

So those posts that are not about the future… the ones about education, or sports, or minimalism… I am going to publish those ones too.

You can skip them if you want. I won’t mind.

Or maybe read them and consider how they might impact the future. Because everything will. Even how blogs are written.